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My dad, Charlie Farrell, ran his Aussie Pools company for many years with the help of family members. He passed away in October 2013 after a long and happy life.  He sure loved swimming pools! There are no more pool kits to sell, however we can supply replacement liners and some replacement pool parts. The replacement parts are used but in good condition. The supply is limited, please call and check for availability.  See our updated (as of April 2019) list of available parts on the “Parts” page. We will do our best to get what you need and the prices are reasonable.

Also, David has a great deal of hands-on experience  installing these pools and is happy to answer questions you might have. 

We can easily supply you with a brand new liner, just call or email and we’ll get your liner on its way. We haven’t raised liner prices in more than ten years so they’re a good deal.

Thanks, Joan Farrell Byrne and David Farrell


Our new email address is aussiepools.net@gmail.com