Your Aussie Pools uses only the highest quality materials including:



Marviplate is a premium corrosion resistant product which features a heavy galvanized base steel coating. The product is finished with a double layer of solid plasticized PVC film which incorporates stabilizers and fungicides to provide long term durability and resistance to moisture penetration. (Please click the image to enlarge it)


  • Aussie pools are extremely well made with many pools lasting more that 30 years!

  • Aussie Pools are versatile.  They can be built where plaster/gun-nite pools can’t or would be very costly — hills, rocky ground, near springs,.

  • Aussie Pools are durable and can tolerate wide swings in temperature,  from the above 100 degree temperatures of the desert to the below zero temperatures of the east coast.

  • Our algae and UV resistant vinyl liners are easy on your children’s feet.  You won’t see the scraped and bleeding feet found after playing in a plaster pool all day.

  • An Aussie pool is a budget friendly pool.  While building an in-ground designer pool can easily exceed $30,000, an Aussie Pool costs less than 1/2 the price!


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